Open source widget library to design great software dashboards

Open source widget library includes reusable widgets which can be customized. Widgets include:

  • Html Widget to show html content.
  • Richtext Widget to show html content with an editor.
  • RssReader Widget to retrieve RSS content.
  • GoogleMaps Widget to show Google Maps.
  • Gauge Widget to show a gauge and set it's value.
  • Silverlight Widget to show Microsoft Silverlight content.
  • Pop3 Client Widget to show a e-mail messages.
  • Microsoft Charts for Asp.Net to draw images based charts.
  • JqPlot Charts to draw JavaScript based charts.
  • Highcharts to draw JavaScript based charts.
  • DashboardViewer Widget to show a dashboard inside another dashboard.

About Third Party Libraries

Licensing of Third Party Libraries

Third party libraries are used inside Widget Library for demonstration purposes only. Please see license agreement for each library.

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Hi from Html Widget

Hi from Richtext widget! 


Showing demo e-mail messages. Edit Widget to setup your e-mail.
From Subject Date  
Dynamic Dashboards Freedom for you and your users 3/28/2015
My friend Documentation 3/23/2015
My boss Please review attached document 3/21/2015